Jessica Eubanks

I am fascinated with people, their stories, their plans, and their motivations. As someone who loves to travel, I find Real Estate allows me to take a journey with my clients in pursuit of their real estate goals. I believe the process is a journey that should be enjoyed as much as the destination.

Because of this, every journey I go on with home buyers and sellers become lifelong friendships. I'm big on appreciating the little things in life and never taking a moment for granted.

Each moment I am in is designed perfectly for me to experience it, learn from it and lean into it. To stay right sized, I constantly ask myself: what can I bring to this moment, this relationship, this life?
 Not what I can get from it.

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CO-OWNER/broker ∙ DRE# 02014618

Alex Oddo

Since I can remember, I have been an extrovert. The past 20 years as a Realtor has humbled me with the fact that these wonderful families entrust me with the greatest financial decision they may ever make. I am my best when I am people facing, connecting with others and providing relief through assurance on what can often be a stressful process in the home buying or selling experience.

 My superpower is breaking the ice around the idea of purchasing or selling a home; the process doesn't have to be stressful but can be made seamless and simple.

I think about how I would like my own family to be taken care of with every transaction I'm a part of which is why I ensure everyone leaves receiving the best experience.

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Maria Calderon

I became a first time home owner at the age of 23 and ever since then I knew I needed to be apart of a family's journey to the American Dream.

When I owned and operated a restaurant at 25, I loved connecting with people and families while bettering their days with my service.

As a Realtor, I find the process of helping my clients more as a new journey we get to embark on together.

A journey I make sure is enjoyable, memorable
and most of all - simple.

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REALTOR® ∙ DRE# 02093191

Jennifer Shannon

I find a thrill in touring properties, imagining how spaces can transform and the lives that will help build the house into a home. There is nothing more motivating than learning the history, assessing the value and exploring the potential in a property.

I am grateful this is my career as its not only exciting but it taps into the dream most of us have: earn a living doing something that I love and comes so naturally to me.

I get fulfillment from helping families make smart real estate moves is where it's at for me.

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REALTOR® ∙ DRE# 02138083

Norma Arguello

Nothing brings me more joy than having my clients feel empowered during emotional and complex moments of the home buying and/or selling journey.

With over 22+ years in real estate, my goal is to remain as a committed, credible, and determined Realtor. My primary focus will always be client satisfaction and surpassing my clients’ expectations.

Growing up, I would help my mom (also a Realtor) review contracts and disclosures at 16 since English was her second language. This experience marked the beginning of my fascination with real estate where I pursued with unbridled enthusiasm straight after high school.
 At 18, I was processing loan applications for lenders. At 19, I was working in loans and real estate until I fully transitioned into real estate in 2006. My knowledge of loans allows me to give sound guidance on home financing.

When dealing with such a big milestone, it is important that you work with a professional that is well aligned with your real estate needs, and with the experience and zeal to match, I am that person.

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REALTOR® ∙ DRE# 01268269

Manny Martinez

With over 7 years in the Real Estate industry, I've learned that each transaction is like a thumbprint. Every client, property and situation needs to be handled with attention to details. I am here to provide that service along with tremendous value about where the market is at and where it is going!

Today's real estate market can be tricky, and scary or stressful to some... but rest assured I will relieve that tension by making the process as seamless as possible.

I truly believe that there is no place like home and the ability to provide for you and your future through real estate is priceless. I get great satisfaction out of being able to put my energy into helping people make the best decisions in today's market.

If you are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate - make no mistakes I am ready to handle business!

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REALTOR® ∙ DRE 02010170

McKensie Lowstetter

I am a people’s person, and I am passionate about their stories, making connections, and building relationships. I approach each moment with gratitude and a desire to learn and grow from every experience.

 Being in real estate truly brings me an abundance of happiness in the ability to make a huge impact in people’s lives by fulfilling their real estate goals and dreams. By focusing on what I can bring to each moment and person I embody a mindset of abundance, kindness, and gratitude.

 This frame of mind and attitude helps attract positive experiences and opportunities in all my relationships. It also deepens meaningful connections and relationships with others by truly understanding their needs. I go above and beyond for people as I treat all my clients like family.

I treat each journey as a chance to make a new friend. As a seasoned real estate professional I strive to provide them with the best real estate experience and service that they deserve. I approach every situation with the utmost professionalism, consideration, and diligence.
 Your home, your happiness, my priority!

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REALTOR® ∙ DRE 02074918